The Chico Way

At the August 20, 2013 City Council meeting, Councilmember Tami Ritter spoke about ‘the Chico way’ after the conclusion of Business from the Floor, which allowed no opportunity for public comments.  I sent a response to the Council via the City Clerk, and a shorter version was submitted to and published by the Enterprise Record on August 31.  On September 1, David Little published an editorial entitled “Ritter defines ‘the Chico Way'” in which he quotes Ms. Ritter’s defense of her previous comments. Both Quené and I have submitted responses to the Enterprise Record; hopefully those will be published shortly, but I am attaching them now to complete this post.  In my opinion, this was the first step in the Council’s current attempts to control public input.  Additional examples will be shared soon.

2013-08-20 Transcript_Tami Ritter_The Chico Way

MFitch_Response to Council_The Chico Way


2013-09-01_ER_Editorial_Ritter defines ‘the Chico way’

QHansen_Response to Little Editorial_The Chico Way

MFitch_Response to Little Editorial_The Chico Way


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