Validity of PRRs Submitted

At a recent press conference held by Mayor Gruendl, it was mentioned that a recent influx of Public Records Requests (PRRs) were “bordering on unreasonable” and an attempt to tax the limited time of the current City employees as “most of [the requested information] is already available.”

We have shared on this website every one of the 20 PRRs we have submitted to the City of Chico to-date.  After hearing the Mayor’s comments, I personally reread each of our submitted PRRs and concluded, once again, that a PRR was the only legitimate and proper way to obtain the requested information as a citizen and especially as former employees.

We believe the only way to break the cycle of misinformation is to go directly to the source, and in this case, that would be City of Chico documents.  In the pursuit of transparency, and to share the truth with you, we aim to share the documentation that our calculations and analysis are based upon.

So we ask you, our readers, did we ask for something that already exists in a public forum that could be quoted and labeled a “fact” or the truth?  We welcome your comments and suggestions on alternative locations to obtain the requested information.


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