Mayor Gruendl threatens to release personnel files

In today’s Chico News & Review, Bob Speer writes of our interaction with the Mayor during September 17 Business from the Floor, wherein we exposed his recent Facebook rant:

Interviewed after the meeting, the mayor was unapologetic, though he acknowledged he may have been “a little over the top.” Obviously frustrated by what he called a “cover your ass” effort on the women’s part, he said they’d waived their right to employee confidentiality and threatened to reveal embarrassing things from their personnel files.

We will be addressing the entirety of the article shortly; however, we wanted to get this out to you right away. Every person who has a personnel file at a prior employer should be outraged.

Again we ask, why is it so important that the Mayor silence us? Could it be that, although we have only exposed the tip of the iceberg, he knows what lies beneath the surface? Could it be that, as the longest-seated member of the Council, his prior words and voting record would reveal that he contributed to the City’s current financial situation? Does he want to stop us before we reveal a truth he does not want to acknowledge?

This behavior is frightening. It is an abuse of power for a government official to assault private citizens and attempt to quash their right to free speech. Only your voices can stop this out-of-control official. Please attend Council meetings and be heard, or write your Councilors and demand that they cease their efforts to silence dissenting opinions. Remember, the next person who disagrees with the Mayor could be you or someone you love.

If you did not see the Mayor’s Facebook rant, it is here:

2013-09-06_Mayor Scott Gruendl_FB

The entire Chico News & Review article can be found here:

As always, we thank you for your readership and encourage your comments.

Remember, Truth Matters, Chico!


Photo credit: Chico Enterprise-Record


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  1. This guy is obviously not a lawyer. There is a big difference from a terminated employee and an elected politician. His life and everything in it can be an open book. Just remember THE WEINER. There was a lot in his book. I am sure if he ran this idea of making your personnel file public through the legal department at the City of Chico. They would laugh and tell him to go away and to forget it.

  2. Wow, this is just over the top alright. Any intelligent person would see that this is a SLAP measure.

  3. With all due respect Mr. Gruendl, and it isn’t all that much, you sound like my 6 year old when he throws a fit – go to time out, sir. You may come out when you can control yourself.

  4. The thing that really pisses me off…I voted for this moron.

  5. Big lawsuit heading his way if he ever does release confidential information from employee files. Hope Lori gives him a good slap upside the head.

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