Nakamura’s Doctoral Thesis

We have requested this document from the USC library and will provide an update once we receive and review it. Interesting topic…

Nakamura Dissertation

P.S. Many thanks to our reader who pointed this out.

Remember: Truth Matters, Chico!


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  1. Now I think you three have gone to far! Just stick with today’s lies you are spreading. You do not want us looking at your poor history with the city, please keep other past history out of the discussion.

  2. This link does not work.

    • Dave, thanks for the comment. It is not a link; it is only a screenshot of the USC library’s webpage. We have been unable to find any online information about the content. We are attempting to get the document; however, there is only one copy available, at the USC library, and it is in a different library exchange program than Butte County. Once we are able to get the document and review it, we will provide a summary of the content. Thanks again for your interest in the community and for your comment.

  3. Just looking at the title, it seems intriguing and along the lines of needing to regionalize services in more rural parts of the State; Paradise has done it with fire protection and smaller communities have contracted with their county sheriff for police services. I will be interested in seeing how his thesis plays out.

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