PRR Update: ACM Salary Comparison

It’s been a whirlwind first month for Truth Matters, Chico! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to check us out, shared, commented, and otherwise helped spread the word about our little grassroots effort. We have had a mind-boggling 12,000+ views of our 33 posts in just over a month, yet we are only getting started in all that needs to be told.

One of our early posts included images of the 20 Public Records Requests (PRRs) that we submitted to  the City on August 21. Now that we are spending less time defending ourselves from personal attacks by city leaders, I have time to update our readers on the status of these requests.


This PRR was for the salary review of comparable sized cities used to establish the new Assistant City Manager’s baseline compensation. It was part of the March 5 debacle, and the justification for ACM Orme’s $185K salary. It seems like this should be a very simple request to fulfill; after all, the research and analysis were supposedly done prior to the March 5 council meeting. Just attach the file to an email and press ‘send.’

Alas… As of October 6, no response. That’s 30 working days. Three times the ten working days allowed for a response.

I’ll be sending the city clerk an email about this PRR today. Just for fun, here is your chance to anticipate what her response will be.


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  1. Good grief, I need an “all of the above” button in order to vote!

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