Missing Our New Posts?

While we have great intentions of uploading a new post at least every other day, life happens and we get behind!

For those of you who check our website every day to make sure you do not miss anything from us (I love how dedicated you are!), did you know that you can receive notifications of new posts by following us on Twitter (@Truth_Chico), on Facebook (Truth Matters, Chico), or even by following this page?

If you are not a member of Twitter or Facebook, you can follow this website simply by clicking on the +Follow button, likely at the top of the window, and signing up for a WordPress account. This only requires a username, email, and the creation of a password. Then, if you choose Edit the Blogs You Follow, you can set your notifications for Truth Matters, Chico! to Send New Posts by Email either Instantly, Daily, or Weekly, causing a notification to be sent to your email account whenever we have new information for you.

How awesome is that?!

Thank you for your continued readership. As always, your questions and comments are welcome.

Remember: Truth Matters, Chico!

Photo Credit: chasingeyes.com

Photo Credit: chasingeyes.com


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  1. Always happy to read the latest. 😄

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