An Open Letter to the City Council

This post contains a follow-up letter to the City Council regarding events that took place during Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting and were described in our previous post, A Matter of Minutes. The letter contains portions of a slideshow that the City Clerk created and used to train City staff on proper minute taking, and it takes her to task for her seemingly intentional disregard for her own rules when it comes to accurately reporting unflattering or embarrassing information revealed during recent Council meetings.

Both the behavior of the Council and the inadequacy of the Clerk’s record are unacceptable.

As we have mentioned in other posts, the Council routinely makes snide and/or argumentative comments after we have left the podium and are unable to answer. For that reason, I have chosen to respond in writing. The following letter will be emailed this morning to the Council, the City Clerk, and the two local newspapers. Then, if the Council has further comments, they can make them in writing.

2013-11-23_Letter to Council re Clerk Minutes Training

The government exists to serve the people. When government officials begin to believe themselves superior to those they serve to such an extent that there are repeated displays of scorn and indignation, it’s time to remind them of their role.

Again, we urge you to get involved. This is your community, and unless you are informed and engaged, you will suffer the consequences of the Council’s poor judgment. Write letters, attend meetings or watch from home, ask questions and make comments on our blog posts, and hold the elected officials accountable for their behavior at the polls.

Thank you for your continued readership. Please also continue to share our posts with your family, neighbors, and friends. As always, we welcome your comments and questions.

Remember: Truth Matters, Chico!

Minutes_Cover Page_Clerk_Training


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  1. Looking forward to more on this matter.

  2. Good job, Mary. This item was incredibly interesting, and entertaining, too.

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