Council Meeting Tonight

Tonight’s City Council Meeting starts at 6:30pm at 421 Main Street.  The meeting agenda can be found here.

Of particular interest on tonight’s agenda are:

(1) a request to approve additional $99,200 from the Emergency Reserve Fund to pay a consultant to evaluate trash franchise haulers and draft an agreement (R3_Consulting_Request for Use of Emergency Reserve Funding), bringing the total cost of the consultant to $113,700;

(2) consideration of a deficit reduction plan that will severely impact the availability of General Fund revenues for services such as Police and Fire (Budget_Deficit_Reduction_Plan);

(3) consideration of a request for proposals to contract out City Attorney Services (Request_for_City_Attorney_Proposals); and

(4) Councilmember Ritter’s request for an update on Fire Station 5’s mold remediation costs, including the costs for the trailer as well as the funding source and  the term of the agreement. There is no staff report for this item, so we have no idea what inspired it or what her concerns might be.

If you’ve never attended a council meeting before, please know that there are typically plenty of seats, and you can come and go as you like (in case you can’t make it until after 6:30 and really don’t want to hang around until 11pm!).  It’s okay to just come and observe — no need to speak unless you are so inclined.  However, if you do wish to address the Council, there are speaker cards in the back of the chambers, and it’s as easy as filling out two fields and placing it in a basket.

If you can’t attend the meeting, you can watch from home via live stream or at a later date on the video recording. Our permanent link to the Council Meeting page, along with an explanation of how it works, is here: Watch Council Meetings

Again, we urge you to get involved. This is your community, and being informed and engaged is crucial. The Council works for you, so make your voice heard. Write letters, attend meetings or watch from home, ask questions and make comments on our blog posts, and hold the elected officials accountable at the polls.

Thank you for your continued readership. Please also continue to share our posts with your family, neighbors, and friends. As always, we welcome your comments and questions.

Remember: Truth Matters, Chico!


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  1. Hi. It is my hope that you question Mr. Constatine’s statement that was published in the ER on Wednesday, December 18 (page 7A – Council Debt) in regards to his quote ” The auditors have the power to require immediate repayment of entire debt balances ….”. This quote is an outright lie. The auditors that were HIRED by the city do not have the power or legal authority to require any budget changes/additions to the budget. Thank you

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