More Performance Evaluations

(Before reading further – please bring to mind your early childhood memories of Sesame Street, and, in particular, the wonderful character and voice of The Count. Count von Count!)

This week’s City Council meeting is brought to you by the number 10. As in 10 performance evaluations for City Manager Brian Nakamura. Ah ah ah!

That is right folks; January 7 Closed Session is scheduled to be the tenth performance evaluation since Nakamura joined the City of Chico in September 2012. As we mentioned in a prior post, where we first asked the question Is Council Abusing Closed Session Exceptions, Nakamura’s contract with the City only calls for an annual performance review. His first evaluation was to occur in April of 2013, with follow-ups to happen every year thereafter as long as he maintains employment.

Instead of an annual performance evaluation, Nakamura is coming up on his tenth in 17 months. 10 in 17! Ah ah ah!

In following up with what was also mentioned in the prior post linked above, the Council has yet to make any announcement on actions taken during these Closed Sessions. Ten performance evaluations – but Chico, the Council has nothing to report to you! Ah ah ah!

I can’t speak for The Count, but I do have to wonder myself how many evaluations will Nakamura receive before he leaves town?


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  1. I wonder if Mr. Nakamura has a history of misusing and abusing the laws covering open meetings. Once again, this would be a perfect opportunity for say . . . A JOURNALIST, to dig into this questionable practice!!!!

    • Speaking to the choir, Chuck! Wouldn’t that be unique and totally awesome?! I guess for now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed….

  2. Yeah, where are the local equivalents of Woodward and Bernstein when you need ’em?

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