Local Candidate Forums – Get Involved!

Juanita Sumner over at Chico Taxpayers Association (CTA) has organized a series of local candidate forums at the Chico library, to give the public an opportunity to meet the people who want to be in charge of our community. Bob Evans will be at this Sunday’s forum, which begins at noon. Links to the CTA blog posts about the forums are provided below, for more information about upcoming speakers.

If you don’t already follow Juanita’s blog, you should. She regularly attends both City and County meetings and has a long history of telling it like she sees it. In my personal opinion, she is one of the most well-informed citizens in Chico, and her blog posts are quite entertaining, as long as you don’t mind a bit of <ahem> colorful language.  🙂

Like us, she is even-handed in dispensing her opinions; no one is exempt from her BS detector, regardless of how they label themselves politically. While we don’t always reach the same conclusions as Juanita, we definitely respect her hard work in trying to get information out to the public and get the citizens involved. It can be a lonely and exhausting business, repeatedly sounding the alarm and being rewarded with few if any tangible results, but she’s a trooper; she’s been at this for years.

Anyway, we encourage you to read the CTA blog posts and get involved in this series of meetings with the candidates. Do what you must to be an informed voter, and help protect Chico from the consequences of poor decision-making at the ballot box. As we have mentioned before, a well-informed citizenry is the best defense against bad government.

Here are the links to the CTA blog posts about the candidate forums:

From January 23: Calling all roustabouts – come on down and help me set up chairs for Bob Evans, candidate, Butte County Dist 3

From January 17: Trying to get more candidates for our forum – sign up for our contact list

From January 12: Thanks Al Petersen for a wonderful meeting – next up, Bob Evans, candidate for Supervisor Dist. 3

From January 5: Ever wonder how your house is assessed and your property tax bill figured? Well come on down to the library Sunday and ask Butte County Assessor Candidate Alan Petersen

We thank you for your readership and for continuing to share our posts with your family and friends. As always, we welcome your questions and comments.

Remember: Truth Matters, Chico!


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  1. Do you have Juanita’s blog link? Thanks for the info.

    • Steve,

      Juanita actually has two blogs, both of which are laugh-out-loud funny.

      The CTA blog, which keeps folks updated about meeting dates and times, and shares her point of view on what occurred at many of them, is at: http://chicotaxpayers.com/.

      Her personal blog, which is a mixture of day-to-day life with a side of local politics, is at: http://worldofjuanita.com/.

      I love both blogs. She has such a gift for gab. But, be warned… She is strongly opinionated and doesn’t care who likes it or not!

      Thanks for your support,

  2. Thanks Mary!

    It turned out great, we got good questions, Bob got a good workout. Maureen Kirk came in, as well as Alan Petersen, who was our first candidate speaker (county assessor). We also met Ryan Schohr, candidate for Assy Dist 3 (Logue is termed out). Maureen will be our next guest, Feb 16, and I’m going to try to get Mr. Schohr in asap. I also have Larry Wahl (dist 2) and city council candidate Andrew Coolidge on tap for March and April.

    Hey Rubber Duck, I think we got us a convoy…oh yeah, we definitely got the front door Good Buddy!

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