Candidate Speaker Series – next Sunday, March 9, Dist 2 supervisor Larry Wahl – and don’t forget, Spring Ahead!

Chico Taxpayers Association

Next Sunday is Spring Ahead, make note of that. We have Dist 2 supervisor Larry Wahl coming into the Chico library at noon to talk to us about his concerns and answer questions about ours. 

These sessions are very casual and you can ask what you’d like.  Issues we’ve discussed so far include State of Jefferson, marijuana initiative, global warming, staffing in various county offices, and an elected offical’s due diligence to their constituents. 

I don’t think everybody realizes, the June primary will be the end of it for a lot of these county and state offices, and it’s already March. Don’t dawdle, get informed. And, here’s your chance to inform these people what you find to be important. 

Please come on in, I’ll be there at 11:30 to set up chairs. 

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  1. thanks you guys for spreading the word on this series – I can’t seem to get a letter into the ER about it, no matter how far ahead I send. And last month the N&R didn’t run my letter about Maureen’s gig. The ER treats me like a pest, and I really been trying to tone it down. I used to write letters almost weekly, but they make me feel like I’m an ink hog, even when they’re not getting three letters a day. And, I guess everybody has noticed – half the letters you see in either paper have already run verbatim in the other paper.

    I won’t brag, but I think this is a good idea, getting these candidates down to the library, and I’m pissed that neither paper, although invited repeatedly, will send a reporter. What the heck? Not news?

    Oh well, I hope to see some curious faces – there’s a lot of questions we should be asking these people, especially the incumbents. Thanks so much, Truth really does Matter.

  2. Juanita, I will glad to see an organized series. Please feel free to post updates on our facebook site:

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