Gruendl Whines Again

Former Chico Police Chief Mike Maloney recently posted on his blog an unflattering opinion piece about Mayor Gruendl, who lashed out in the comments like a toddler throwing a tantrum. If it weren’t so pathetic, I would have laughed at him… But he’s the Mayor, for crying out loud! He needs to grow up. There’s no whining in politics.

Here’s a link to the blog post:  Chico: We have a problem….with our Mayor….

We’ve told you before all the reasons why Scott’s got to go. Please send him on his way (and Mark Sorensen, too, while you’re at it) by using the power of the ballot box.

Truth Matters, Chico!



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  1. Hope the citizens of Chico will not re-elect this bozo.

  2. I think the increased crime rates is more Maloneys fault than Gruendl. Chico PD uses 1/2 of the city budget, but because Maloney mismanaged the department, the city is now laying off police officers and implementing hiring freezes. Even with the increase in crime, Maloney collects a staggering pension package. City council attempted to allocate extra funds to reduce crime, but Maloney pocketed much of it when he walked out the back door. I don’t think it’s fair to blame Gruedl for crime, maybe the other stuff, but not crime.

  3. Thanks, Todd. Let me preface what follows by stating that I did not know former Chief Maloney when he worked for the city and have no opinion about how he managed the cop shop. In general, this site is a forum for open discussion regarding Chico’s issues, and everyone’s opinion matters. For that reason, I had to ponder your comments awhile before responding, because initially I wasn’t sure exactly what bothered me so much about what you wrote.

    What I finally landed on is this: The post was specifically about elected official Gruendl’s inadequate and negligent performance during his years on the City Council. Your remarks switched the subject from whether elected official Gruendl is suitable to continue to represent the citizens of Chico to a gratuitous assault on a former police chief who is now a private citizen. While I’m sure there are widely varying opinions about former Chief Maloney’s management decisions while he was chief, that really isn’t germane to this discussion. He isn’t running for political office, so it is doubtful the citizens of Chico are in any danger that he will win the election.

    As for his pension, he didn’t “pocket… extra funds [allocated] to reduce crime.” That statement is just plain reckless and slanderous. He earned his pension through decades of honorable service to the community, the same way all the other Chico cops earn theirs. If it is too generous, look to the Council members who approved the salary and benefits packages and blame them, which coincidentally would include Mr. Gruendl.

    If you have a personal beef with former Chief Maloney, this is not the place to air it. Truth matters.

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