Truth matters, Chico.  It matters in our personal and professional relationships, in our day-to-day interactions with others, in the media, and in the decision-making of our elected leaders.  Truth is the foundation of trust and integrity.

This website is the result of a collaborative effort of three concerned Chico taxpayers, former City of Chico employees with over 40 years of combined public service to the community.  Our political views vary, but our pressing desire for the truth has brought us together.  Truth is an apolitical agenda that stands on its own merit.

We seek to continue to provide a public service to our community and its citizens, many of whom are too caught up in the daily rush of life to pay full attention to the decisions impacting them by their elected City Council, by asking questions and doing research.  By reminding those elected and appointed to lead that truth matters.

It is our goal to present the documented truth.  Direct quotes from open meetings of the Chico City Council, its committees and commissions; documents provided by the City, with thoughtful and unbiased analysis; and a chronological library of print media stories for your use as background material.  Occasionally there may be opinions expressed or conclusions drawn – thanks to the First Amendment, we are allowed those freedoms, and we will openly disclose the sources of our information and the author(s) of the writing.  We do not ask that you agree with our points of view in all things, but hope that you will join in the discussion and keep yourself informed.

Above all else, we hope you agree:  Truth Matters, Chico.

Respectfully yours,

Mary Fitch, Quené Hansen, and Alicia Meyer

P.S. You can send us comments by using the form below, or e-mail us at TruthMattersChico@gmail.com.  We welcome your feedback!


  1. Snarky, smug, arrogant small-town mayors always pay at the ballot box.

  2. Hi Ladies! I compliment your efforts to present the REAL situation and truth about what our City government does, did and did not do. From another person who has been there over 20 years and attended MANY of the budget meetings and Council meetings it is very obvious that the only thing we learn from history is how to repeat it.

    Great Job!

  3. I really hope that every tax paying citizen in Chico spends some time reading the truth on this site. It sure looks like our local government has been hijacked by a group of paranoid incompetents who are blaming all of their shortcomings on “disgruntled staff”.

  4. Mary, Quene, and Alicia. Fantastic work!! It’s too bad that Chico doesn’t have a local newspaper, with professional journalists willing to thoroughly investigate fiascos like this one, instead of just functioning as cheerleaders for the new leadership. So far, the only stories I’ve seen in the ER are nothing more than PR drivel, never challenging any of the so-called “facts” presented by the three new City administrators who are constantly claiming “the sky is falling” nonsense. It’s all so sickening. Thanks, again . . . I hope you keep digging!!! Chuck

  5. Thanks for this.

  6. Hi Girls. I find your posts educational and informative as well as being a great source of information. I read with great interest the article in the News and Review about the fire dept. and the effect on the City budget. How do you say “DUH!” after these facts have been totally ignored by the City Council forever! The public safety budget taking about 80 to 85% of the general funds has been public knowledge, but ignored for years. Public safety simply contributes a huge amount of $$$$ to council campaign funds.

    Also, apparently all those auditors that reviewed City finances over the years were either incompetent or complicit in “hiding” information from Council – even though we had to listen to presentations every year about it in open sessions. Makes me wonder who is directing the current auditor and why every other city in Calif. isnt also in violation of the same fund transfer policies.

    Repeating history and still cant fix stupid.

    • Hope all is well with youse gals.

      In answer to Lynn’s comment – “Makes me wonder who is directing the current auditor…”

      I just talked to a city staffer who shall remain nameless, he told me, Lando still runs everything Downtown. Not hard to figure – he’s on so many boards, even the rec district board. He manipulates a lot of stuff. I suspected he still works closely with certain council members, and now I’ve heard it from a staffer.

      He’s out to protect his own pension, the jerk.

      Hope to hear from you soon, but I’m guessing, life is nuts for you too right now! Keep yourselves happy and healthy – x’s and o’s, Juanita and friends

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