Watch Council Meetings

During the current financial upheaval at the City of Chico, it is more important than ever for you to become engaged in the goings on at City Council meetings. Remember, it is not only your tax dollars being spent, but also your services being cut. A well-informed citizenry is the best guardian of the public good.

While you may not understand everything that goes on during the meetings, you will become familiar with important community issues. We will continue to do our best to sift through the bureaucratic double speak and help you understand the underlying concepts and consequences.

If you are unable to attend City Council meetings, you can stream them live to your computer or watch the videos at a later date. The recording is generally available after 8:00 a.m. on the day following the meeting.

We have found that Internet Explorer is the only consistently reliable web browser for viewing the meetings, so we recommend you use that to open the link. For first-time viewers, you may be required to download the software, but it doesn’t take long.

We will be publishing reminder notices as agendas are posted and meetings are held. Please, please get involved! The Council cannot consider your opinion if you don’t provide it, and we will all live with the consequences if only those with a particular agenda are heard.

Here is a link to the main agenda and video page:  City Council Meetings

Thank you for your continued readership. As always, we welcome any questions or comments.

Remember: Truth Matters, Chico!


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